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Rental Rules

-All Township property must remain on the premises.

-Adult supervision is required at all times.

-No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are to be used on any township property at any time.

-No smoking is permitted in the Township Hall.

-Lessee shall leave the premises in as clean a condition as when Lessee arrived.

-Lessee is responsible for damages, accidents, and/or lost items.

-All garbage and trash shall be picked up and taken off the premises including garbage and trash on the grounds.

-Trim and decorations must be removed.

-No Candles or open flames can be used in the Township House.

-Clean up all spills on floors, clean and wash off table, countertops, and chairs.

-Bathroom area must be clean and free of trash.

-All doors and windows are to be locked before vacating the premises and any personal property brought onto the Township premises must be removed.

-All lights and ceiling fans must be turned off.

-If the Township House has not been left in a clean and presentable manner or if there has been damage to the facility or equipment, the security deposit will not be refunded and there may be additional charges levied as a result.

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