The property owner or his/her agent should contact the Muhlenberg Twp. Zoning Inspector before beginning any of the following activities:

-New residential construction

-New commercial construction

-Building additions, relocating and/or alterations

-Pool installations

-Erection of fences

-Installation of a garage (attached or detached) or


-Erection of barn, shed or storage building

-Erection of a gazebo

-Installation of a deck

You may also purchase a printed copy of the Muhlenberg Township Zoning Resolution Manual or Manual on CD for $10.00 from the Muhlenberg Township Fiscal Officer. Just send the request to muhlenbergtwp@yahoo.com

All buildings and structures, building additions, improvements and change of uses require a Zoning Permit. If you have a question as to whether your project requires a Zoning Permit, please contact the Zoning Inspector.

Forms and Information: Please contact the Zoning Inspector



Zoning Inspector : Kevin Steward

Phone: 614-206-2856

Fax: 740-477-9865

Zoning Board

Lee Yarsky - Chairman

Phone: 614-579-7359

Jerry Riebel - Board Member

Doug Anderson -Vice Chairman

Bonnie Reed - Secretary

Cinda Justus - Board Member

Scott Seabaugh - Alternate

Zoning Appeals Board


Kathie Ashcraft - Chairman

Phone: 614-738-2054

Mike Sell - Board Member

Chris Herboltsheimer - Board Member

Jan Shannon - Secretary

Jim Jenkins - Board Member

Bennett Musselman - Alternate



Effective February 2013

$500.00     Single Family House

$250.00     Mobile Home or Replacement

$100.00     New Buildings (garages, etc. that are separate from house)

$100.00     Room Addition

$600.00     Lot Split

$3,500.00  Cell/Communication Tower

$1,000.00  Attachments to a Cell/Communications Tower.

$750.00     Zoning Certificate for any 3rd party who is constructing a structure on public property in Muhlenberg Twp

$400.00    Application for a Zoning Amendment

$300.00    Appeals Application - (If applicant requests tabling after the notification to the paper, another

                 application fee must be paid before rescheduling.)

$300.00    Variance Application - (If applicant requests tabling after the notification to the paper, another

                  application fee must be paid before rescheduling.)

$0           Above Ground Decks - any deck that can be walked under must obtain a permit and is subject to

               inspection by the Circleville Building Department and their fees.

$0           Porches, ground level decks, enclosed porches (ie. Florida room), Swimming pool must be approved by                     the Pickaway Co. Health Dept.

$0          Small building and /or storage building less than 200 sq. feet

$0          Agriculture buildings - Barns/Sheds erected on ten or more acres are classified as Agriculture



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